La Caborde is also a relaxing outdoor area where it is possible to stop for a break, share a picnic with the family but also to walk around the surroundings on the hiking trails ...

La Caborde's outdoor facilities are accessible to all guests for free during the whole season from March to December each year.

Between small wooden bridge, insect house, sunbathing, botanical trail, theme garden and other play facilities, La Caborde offers you a real space of peace in an almost poetic atmosphere.

caborde-exterieurRelaxation area and picnic area

The trees of the viti-cultural area are pergola to allow you to pause in peace.

Wooden kiosks, picnic tables and garbage cans are at your disposal all year round at the entrance of the viti-cultural area. You will also find various games and constructions for a moment of relaxation with family. Children will be able to enjoy some fun equipments such as games of track, hole board, insect nest boxes, botanical path etc ... While you can relax in the shade of the trees ... In summary the outdoor spaces of La Caborde have plenty to delight and interest young and old!

Hiking departures


The Caborde is also the starting point of several hikes since twelve circuits are marked and maintained on the South Revermont.

One of the panels presenting all the trails is present on the viti-cultural area and the map of circuits "Walks and hikes - The South Revermont" is on sale at the shop of La Caborde for 5 €.

Ephemeral installations and outdoor exhibitions

La Caborde also organizes outdoor exhibitions and art installations during its cultural season : huts, land' art, thematic gardens and diverse creations are so imagined and conceived(designed) by the Green Team of Adapement. At present, also discover the "unstructured" cabordes of two artists: Nicolas Broissand and Régis Crozat.


La Caborde's wide car park also acts as a parking area for campers.

Located between Bourg-en-Bresse and Lons-le-Saunier on a border of a main road N83, La Caborde's viti-cultural area multi-services disposal for stopover as well our camping-caravan friends.

La Caborde, in addition to being a cultural space, is also a place for holidaymakers where you can find all the tourist information on the Jura as well as a staff with your listening to accompany you in the organization of your tourist excursions.