The Caborde is already a welcome of point for Velleminfroy, essentially, rich in calcium and magnesium.
Located in the hearth of the High-Saône Velleminfroy. Refexion of his country, Unique composition of its souterain course, maded all its vertues.

Balance, purity,exeptionnal neutral PH.

Before to leave, bring with you a souvenir from The South Revermont country and enjoy your trip, if you appreciate good quality local products: books, guides, tableware, French food, games, glasses and wines, local beers, coffee and tea.

Jam caramel apricot, organic jelly pear elder flower, nectar bio apple cassis ... Succumb to the temptation thanks to the local production of Elan Garden, biological and solidary garden located in Nance. To discover and to vary according to the pleasures and the seasons. (From 4,50 € to 5 €)

Creation of the barista (or coffee sommelier) Vincent Vandelle, the "Café de V" is roasted at L'Etoile. Discover the subtlety of the aromas and dosages among the range proposed to be consumed on the spot by our crusher or for sale in grain, ground or for piston coffee makers in long-life bags. (1,50 € the coffee, 5,80 € the package)

An artisan of art located in Grusse, Muriel gives life to the lands she works according to different forms and techniques. At the shop of La Caborde, discover its culinary and utilitarian pieces in sandstone. (Starting from 12 €)

Stamped "Vins du Jura" and "La Caborde", these tasting glasses will have the most beautiful effect on your table and will sublimate the aromas and the dresses of the wines served to your guests. (3,50 € each, 18 € the 6)

Saveurs Graines

"Flavors Seeds" is a recent company situated to Domsure (Ain) whose purpose is to produce new and original condiments with seeds, dried fruits, spices, plants ... to decorate the traditional kitchen and complete the vegetarian nutrition, the vegan, vegan ... She proposes mixtures of spices of the world personalized for kitchen, cake store, salads, marinades, drinks, vinegars; also a choice of peppers, aromatic salts and preparations for drinks and others ... In a concern of ethics and for a reasoned trade, these products arise from the organic or local farming and certain aromatic herbs are cultivated with the aid of the creator of "Flavors Seeds", Régine Manin. To discover immediately ...